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From the leading-edge industries to familiar public facilities. Utilized in various fields, construction sites and public facilities, as well as for a variety of other purposes.
Long history and stable dealings with many makers and trading companies.

We have been steadily dealing with numerous manufacturers and trading companies to buy or sell industrial chemicals for many years.

Main Customers
AICELLO CORPORATION Kodama Plastics Co.,Ltd. Tokuyama Soda Trading Co.,Ltd.
Asada Chemical INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. JNC Corporation Nankai Chemical Co.,Ltd.
ASAHI Chemical Co.,Ltd. Stella Chemifa Corporation Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Asahi Kasei Corporation Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd Nittetsu Mining Co.,Ltd.
Acids Co.,Ltd. Sekisui Seikei, Ltd. Nippon Light Metal Company.,Ltd.
Ashidachi Lime Co.,Ltd. Central Glass Co.,Ltd. Furukawa Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Osaka Soda Co.,Ltd. Tayca Corporation Rasa Industries, Ltd.
Kaneka Corporation Toagosei Co.,Ltd.
Kanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. Tosoh Corporation
Our stages are infrastructures for industry and livelihood.
  Our products have found application in diverse fields, including factories, construction sites and environmental-related public facilities,as raw materials, waste water treatment agents and sterilizing agents.
Production Sites and Work Places People Gather and Facilities Fundamental for Life
[Manufacturing Factories] Chemical products factories / Electronic parts factories (Semiconductors, liquid crystals, etc.)
Various factories (Plating, dyeing, oil & fat, ironworks, foodstuffs, leather products, and other factories)
Uses : As raw materials, for manufacturing processes, waste water treatment, etc.
[Public Facilities] Hospitals, research institutes / Pools / Uses : Disinfecting, purification, waste water treatment, etc.
[Environmental-related public facilities] Water works and sewerage / Garbage incinerating facilities / Industrial waste treatment facilities / Uses : Disinfecting, purification, waste water treatment, etc.
[Construction Sites] Land development / Construction sites / Uses : Land quality improvement, waste water treatment, etc
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