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Main Handling Items
To have a full lineup of the required chemicals in the required forms. We process various industrial chemicals that are in the form of different items, concentrations and volumes, put  them into suitable containers, and then deliver them.
Main Handling Items
Substantial Line-up
  With an extensive product range, especially in hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, nitric acid and sulfuric acid, Kaname caters to a wide variety of needs.
Industrial Soda Chemicals
• Calcium Chloride • Caustic SodaFlakes • Sodium Hypochlorite
• Hydrochloric Acid • Common Salt • Soda Ash(Sodium Carbonate)
• Liquid Caustic Soda • Higher Bleaching Powder • Caustic Potash
Ammonia, Carbide, Sulfuric Acid
• Sodium Nitrite • Urea • Concentrated Sulfuric Acid
• Aqueous Ammonia • Liquid Urea • Refined Dilute Sulfuric Acid
• Dilute Nitric Acid • Fuming Sulfuric Acid
Refined Concentrated
Sulfuric Acid
• Concentrated Nitric Acid • Dilute Sulfuric Acid  
Inorganic Chemicals
• Liquid Aluminium Sulfate
Sodium Bisulfite
Liquid Ferric Chloride
Aluminum Sulfate Powder
Slaked Lime(CalciumHydroxide) Hydrazine Hydrate
Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) Activated Carbon Hydrofluoric Acid
Sodium Sulfate
(Sodium Hydrogensulfite)
Ferrous Sulfate Ferrous Sulfate
Sodium Sulfite Polytetsu® (Poly Ferric Sulfate)  Hydrogen Peroxide
Organic Chemicals
• Acetic Acid • Acetic Anhydride • Methanol
• Sodium Acetate • Formalin  
Other Inorganic/Organic Chemicals
 Purified Water Soap Making Materials
High Molecular Coagulant • Azonil *  
Various Organic Solvents • Various Mixed Acids  
*  Azonil is Kaname's proprietary product. It is used as a pretreatment agent of tin and solder plating.
Line of Subdivision Products
Delivering our products with the appropriate concentration, volume and container.

The concentration, volume and packaging style (container) can be customized to order before the products are shipped and delivered.

We process high purity industrial chemicals. (mixed acids, etc.) on commission for other makers
  Kaname is also ready to undertake contract manufacturing of high purity industrial chemicals (mixed acids) for semiconductor and LCD manufacturers and reagents for laboratories.
  Chemical name Concentration Food Additive Grade Available Container Type and Capacity
bottles polycans high Strength Containers Drums
Unmixed Hydrochloric Acid 35%     20kg   200kg
White hydrochloric acid 35% Possible   23kg   200kg
Hydrochloric Acid < 10%     20kg    
Caustic Soda 48% Possible   25kg 25kg 250kg
Caustic Soda 25% Possible   20kg 20kg 200kg
Caustic Soda 24% Possible   20kg 20kg 200kg
Caustic Soda 20% Possible   20kg 20kg 200kg
Caustic Soda < 5% Possible   20kg    
caustic potash 48%     20kg    
Refined Concentrated Sulfuric Acid 98%     20kg   250kg
Concentrated Sulfuric Acid 98%     20kg   250kg
Refined Concentrated Sulfuric Acid 62.5%     20kg   250kg
Sulfuric Acid 62.5%     20kg 25kg 200kg
Sulfuric Acid < 10%     15kg    
Nitric Acid 67.5%     20kg   250kg
Nitric Acid 62%     20kg   250kg
12% Possible   20kg 20kg 200kg
6% Possible   20kg 20kg 200kg
Aluminium Sulfate 8%     25kg 25kg  
Polyaluminium Chloride(PAC) 10%     20kg 20kg 200kg
Liquid Ferric Chloride 38%     25kg 25kg 250kg
Polytetsu® (Poly Ferric Sulfate) 11%     20kg    
Acetic Acid 99% Possible   20kg   200kg
Acetic Acid 90% Possible   20kg   200kg
Acetic Acid 80% Possible   20kg   200kg
Acetic Acid 68% Possible   20kg   200kg
Purified Water       20kg 20kg  
Mixed Azonil *     500g 20kg    
Mixed Acid As Ordered   As orderde
Reagent Reagent Grade Hydrochloric Acid 35%   500ml 23kg   230kg
Reagent Grade Sulfuric Acid 98%   500ml 30kg    
* Azonil is Kaname's proprietary product. It is used as a pretreatment agent of tin and solder plating.
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